Learn to market and attract long term clients to your fitness business

In order to be successful in this industry, you need high quality, determined clients who will pay you what you’re worth…
That’s the only way you will obtain true financial freedom and build a long-term, sustainable fitness business.

Ready To Grow Your Fitness Business?

While avoiding the crucial mistakes responsible for 85% of all fitness business failure which are holding back your business growth.
While learning how to position yourself in an oversaturated market and stand out like a sore thumb.
While learning how to effectively market your business and generate a torrential downpour of "ready-to-buy" clients.
While exploiting the 2 most crucial elements of success to any fitness business (sales and marketing)

The Key To Revving Up Your Business Engine...

We offer an industry first, step-by-step guide for highly driven fitness professionals who want to learn how to build, market,
launch and grow their businesses.
Our unique approach will equip you with all the tools, knowledge and experience you'll need to build and market a successful business, attract long term clients and break free from the chains of financial strain.
Blueprint To Success
We provide you with the exact plan of action you need to take in order to build your business. Our proven strategies have been used by experts in the health&fitness industry with massive success. From the initial client selection training right through to launching a successful marketing campaign, we support your development every step of the way.
You will always have a clear path in mind regardless of your starting position.
Scale And Grow
With our unique approach to business development, you will be able to grow your business into a long-term, sustainable powerhouse! One in which clients want to sign up to and one that stands the ultimate test of time, while bringing you financial freedom. We will teach you how to build a system which runs on autopilot, so you can focus on the most important tasks at hand - getting all your clients results.
Success Oriented  Environment
We combine cutting edge methodologies and training with a success orientated environment as we believe that people who have a strong support system are more likely to succeed. Our participants and mentors support you throughout your journey and you will become part of an elite group of fitness professionals who lead the industry. There will always be a point of contact and support like a Northern Star guiding you along the path of success.
1. Step
Apply for a Call(3min)
Apply now for a no strings attached consulting call where you can choose a date and time which suits you best.
2. Step
Strategy call with one of our Experts
During this consultation you will speak with a business strategist in which we will assess your current business model and establish whether or not we are the correct fit to help you grow your fitness business.
Start your Journey!
"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen."
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

An Echo From Our Beloved Customers

Terri worked for 25 years+ in the corporate world and wanted to break away from the chains of a 9-5 lifestyle. Jessi was an aspiring personal trainer who wanted to open up her own studio... The only problem was that she didn't know where to begin.
Terri wanted to team up with Jessi (her daughter) to open up their very own fitness studio which would serve the community in which they resided. Jessi wanted to showcase her skills on her own terms and never have to worry about being confined to 4 walls ever again.
Terri and Jessi enrolled in My Fitness Brain's revolutionary coaching program in which an entire step-by-step blueprint was laid out for them to follow, with all the tools, software, knowledge and support they needed. In their own words, nothing was more liberating than having "complete control" of their business.
Terri and Jessi Young
Farouk Sydow
Starting off in the journalism industry, Farouk had a long list of success to his name but wanted a change, which led him to build Fitevolution; an established online fitness business... However, he was battling to grow his venture and was over-burned with "surface level information" on how to grow his business.
Farouk wanted to build become a well known brand and become the No.1 leader in the women’s health sector of the fitness industry. He wanted to grow his business to more than 5 figures while employing a team of fitness coaches and nutritionists to help him deliver on the services which Fitevolution provided.
We assessed Farouk's business and helped him strip away the excess "fat" which was holding his business back from massive growth. We taught him the art of copywriting and the science of marketing, then gave him all the tools from websites to payment software and email marketing which grew his business.
More Success Storys:
4,9 Stars | 193 Reviews
More Client Results

What Makes Our Clients So Successful?

There really is no "secret" to it – my team and I are simply hyper-attentive to details and solely focused on results. Here's what 93% of our clients say were the most instrumental ingredients to their success:

Strategic Plan
Go from zero to hero in a matter of weeks using our step-by-step battle tested blueprint which has been laid out in a methodical manner making sure that you get the most accurate information and practical experience which is offered in the industry.
Weekly Support Calls
Get direct access to our experts, life coaches and much more. Your go to support system and help when you need it most.
Long Term Success
Get access to the only plan you will ever need to better each and every area of your business. From choosing your niche to running your ads and learning how to sell, we give you only the best, proven methods to ensure your long term results.
Member Only Group
We believe in a strong support system and we bring the very best to you. Surround yourself with like minded individuals on the quest for greatness, a better life and a million dollar business. You will find every ounce of motivation needed to excel in this unique group.
Mental Toughness
Our philosophy is simple : Your business will never grow more than you can! We help you reverse engineer a mindset of a champion which will enable you to move past your fears and grow a widely successful business and better your life in return.
One of a Kind Coaching Program
We get down and dirty with you, taking you through each step of the process, as you craft your dream life, build your very own business or learn about the latest fitness technology. Our all-in-one plan has everything you need covered.


Since we receive so many daily requests, we implemented a process in order to efficiently guide through new applicants. These are your next steps in order to request our expertise

1. You apply for a free
consultation call.
Before jumping on a call with us, we will ask you to provide a few details about your current situation, your business goals and challenges. Being honest and transparent with this info is important for you, me, and my team to know whether we can help you.
2. My enrollment team will
call you and speak with you.
One of my team members will call you and together you’ll discuss what your current situation is, what the things are that you want to accomplish, what obstacles you might face and how we can help you bridge this gap.

How you'd achieve a 5- or 6-digit income per month with your fitness business...

Phase 1:

The Paradigm Shift

We truly do believe that your
business will never grow more than
you can. During this phase we help
you broaden your horizons pertaining
to thought and raw potential.
It is often said we can only grow once we acknowledge where we are going wrong and can improve. We help you identify the "dinosaur" approach to running your business and shine a light on why it no longer works.
We help you reflect on everything you have done in the past and right up to this present moment in time to grow your business. We are trying to identify what worked and what didn't, so we can "trim the fat" and move forward.
Reverse Engineer
We believe that the only way to become massively successful in this industry is to first set huge goals and then reverse engineer a step-by-step plan of action which will serve as a roadmap to get you to your goals.
Once we have successfully completed the steps above we can go ahead and set a detailed plan of action which will ensure you take the right action at the right point in time, focusing only on what is necessary at that moment in time.

Phase 2:

The Blueprint To Success

We provide you with the exact step-
by-step blueprint which has been
battle tested and proven to work,
enabling you to turn your entire
business into a massive success.
Most fitness professionals attempt marketing and fail dismally because they fail to place themselves into the shoes of their future clients. We teach you how to create the perfect marketing message which attracts attention like a house on fire.
Would you rather be a jack of all trades or a master at one? We teach you how, why and where to look for the single source of 80% of your income and how to zone in on that audience making use of the Pareto Principle along your digital journey of success.
Is Google, Facebook, Youtube or Linkedin the best to reach your audience? Which system brings in leads at the best price? We cover this in depth and ensure you are equipped with the most up to date knowledge to run the best system and reach your business goals.
What is a doctor without his tools? What is a gym without equipment?Nothing great to say the least! Instead of just teaching you what you need to do, we provide you with an arsenal of tools and in depth knowledge of how to operate them in order to scale.
The world is changing at a rapid pace each and every single day, thanks to massive advances in great technology. We teach you how to use the most cutting edge technology to run your business and reach your future clients without any technical experience.
A business that isn't able to automate its most menial tasks will inevitably fail to grow due to the fact that 80% of the effort is being used to generate 20% of the revenue. We teach you how to automate 80% of your business and grow like a weed.

Phase 3

The 10x Scale

By the time our students reach
phase 3 they are already more
profitable, making more money and
reaping the rewards of their
Exponential Growth
During phase 3 the money is already pouring into your fitness business and we teach you how to operate, manage and then scale by a MASSIVE factor of 10X! This is the most exciting phase of all and much easier than you'd think once Phase 1&2 are implemented and running on autopilot.

Who our program is for?

You’re at the beginning of your fitness career. About to take the first steps and live your dream but you’re not too sure how to move forward. You want a clear blueprint which is going to outline every step along the way for you, so you can avoid trivial mistakes and learn how to build a real business, attract long term, high quality clients and learn how to make money doing what you love. This program is for you and you do not need any prior knowledge or experience to get started. Our experts, along with out proven strategies, tools and methodically planned coaching program will deliver all you need to rank up your business.
You’ve been in the health and fitness industry for a long while. Your business successfully navigates around the seasonal changes and your income is relatively stable. You have 20+ clients but don’t know how to move forward and scale your business without losing out on valuable time.
You want a proven process from an expert who has done what you want to do. You want to expand your business while spending time with your family and friends, and you want to grow your financial income so that you can provide generational wealth to the people who come after you.

Meet The Brains Behind Our Vision

Michael Coovadia - Founder & CEO

Michael Coovadia adopted fitness at the tender age of 16, while wanting to gain more muscle mass and fit in, only to be accepted by his peers. Later in life would he realise that his differentiation to his peers is what made him stand out.

The concept of wanting to become better and using fitness as the antidote to do so led to a wonderful journey of self-discovery, dedication, audacity and passion, some of the pillars on which we have a solid foundation built on.

Through his “unique” approach to fitness Michael was able to change his entire life, build a global fitness brand and assist some of the most inspiring individuals of our generation on their journey to success.

Michael's dream from day 1 in the industry has been to educate the future leaders of tomorrow, enabling their businesses to reach its maximum potential while paving the way for a life free of financial strain and an abundance or clients.

Now, fueled with passion and determination to educate the future leaders of the fitness industry, just like he did for himself and the thousands he has coached, Michael is ready to do the same for you!

The question is: What would you do if you knew you were unstoppable?

Michael Coovadia - Founder & CEO


Beware! We cannot grant this limited opportunity to everyone who applies to work with us.
After you have successfully submitted your non-binding application form you will be able to choose a time and date for your free business
growth strategy session. We will then look to see if a collaboration is possible from both sides.
Be sure to leave a long lasting impression both in the application and the consultation call, so that we can extend a seat in this limited coaching program to you.

Frequently asked Questions

What has been your experience?

Founding two global fitness businesses which operate in more than 4 continents and 5 countries has been no easy task. Through trial and error I have been able to crystalize the formula of business success in the fitness industry and have guided fitness professionals in more than 10 niches around the world who have been searching for a solution to become more profitable and grow their businesses.

Is the consultation really a free phone call? Are there hidden costs somewhere?

No. We will contact you by phone or WhatsApp call at the agreed time. We will cover all telephone costs that may be incurred. The first consultation hour (yes, it really is a consultation hour with us, at this initial appointment) is completely free. You don't pay any fees.

Who specifically can you help?

In principle, all fitness professionals who want to build a business that will stand the ultimate test of time, produce a solid, stable income that grows faster than their expenses do and isn't limited by 4 walls or any boundaries when it comes to generating clients. It doesn't matter if you're just starting off as a fitness professional or have been in the industry for many years... My coaching program is the The Answer you have been searching for.

How long does a coaching/training session last with you guys?

It all depends on your initial situation and goals. We have developed various approaches in recent years, so that we can optimally help fitness professional, regardless of the initial situation or field of expertise. As a rule, we actively accompany you for at least 9-12 weeks. Support between 6-12 months is possible.

How much does your coaching/training cost?

This also depends on your starting situation and the time in which you want to achieve your goals. You're welcome to book a free, no-obligation consultation where I or an expert will talk to you about exactly what you need to do and give you a detailed plan.

What does it look like after the coaching/training? Can one continue to be coached by you?

Yes, you will keep your access to the training platform for the rest of your life and can work through it as often as you like. In addition, you remain in our private community for life and can continue to exchange ideas with other active and passive participants.

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