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Michael Coovadia adopted fitness at the tender age of 16, while wanting to gain more muscle mass and fit in, only to be accepted by his peers. Later in life would he realise that his differentiation to his peers is what made him stand out.

The concept of wanting to become better and using fitness as the antidote to do so led to a wonderful journey of self-discovery, dedication, audacity and passion, some of the pillars on which we have a solid foundation built on.

Through his “unique” approach to fitness Michael was able to change his entire life, build a global fitness brand and assist some of the most inspiring individuals of our generation on their journey to success.

Now, fueled with passion and determination to change people's lives through fitness, just like he did for himself and the thousands he has coached, Michael is ready to do the same for you!

The question is: What would you do if you knew you were unstoppable?





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Believe. Conceive. Achieve.

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

My Fitness Brain In Practice

We pride ourselves on the massive value we offer and the lives we impact all while helping each individual become better, not just in the gym, but in every area of their lives!

When we built this coaching program we designed it with the user in mind. Taking years of research, countless conversations with some of the very best in the fitness industry, and real stories of real people who have used fitness to change their entire lives in a MASSIVE way.

We believe that success leaves clues, so why not explore the secrets?

Our training program has been specifically designed to give you the very best in each area.

Our expert online fitness trainers have personally been involved in each step of the journey with each client who has ever been through our doors, nurturing their potential and turning them physically into aesthetic machines.

Strategic Plan

Go from zero to hero, building onslaughts of muscle, losing fat and learning about nutrition. Stay up to date with the latest fitness trends, from supplements to nutrition, smart technology and workouts which actually work.

Mental Toughness

Learn a new paradigm to fitness and life and unlock the true potential of your mind. Believe. Conceive. Achieve! Learn how to channel your inner motivation and never have a bad day again.

Weekly Support Calls

Get direct access to our experts, life coaches and much more. Your go to support system and help when you need it most.

Long Term Success

Get access to the only plan you will ever need to better each and every area of your life. From working out, to nutrition, supplements, stretching and mindset coaching, we give you only the best, scientifically proven methods to ensure your long term results.

Member Only Group

We believe in a strong support system and we bring the very best to you. Surround yourself with like minded individuals on the quest for greatness, a better life and a greater body. You will find every ounce of motivation needed to excel in this unique group.

One of a Kind Coaching Program

We get down and dirty with you, taking you through each step of the process, as you craft your dream life, build your own diet plan or learn about the latest fitness technology. Our all-in-one plan has everything you need covered.

Our Participants

Who Is My Fitness Brain For?


You’re excelling in your professional life. Your business or professional career is thriving, but you realise that your health & fitness is the weakest link and you want to take care of that, so that you can unlock your maximum potential.

You wanna get in great shape, build new, well developed muscle mass and learn about the correct nutrition because that will be the key to unlocking cognitive, physical and spiritual greatness.

Since its inception, My Fitness Brain has worked with more than 300 participants in this area, so no prior experience is necessary.


You are already really familiar with the gym, have a basic or intermediate understanding of your nutrition but are not really satisfied with the results you have achieved thus far.

You might have hit a limiting plateau and are not too sure how to move past this point, or, you are battling to keep up with the demands from your busy schedule and constantly feel like you’re juggling between work and the gym, trying your best to keep your head above water.

Your goal is to reach your maximum physical potential while maximizing your time and resources so that you can ultimately become a true leader in your field.

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Our Happy Clients

What Success Sounds Like

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Nicolas Toepher


“Michael is a highly professional personal trainer and fitness motivator. He can push your limits and make you achieve amazing results. During my visit to C...Read More

Stefania Barbaglio


“I lost fat, I built muscle and it happened faster than ever before. Michael was the best training experience I ever had. He made sure we push to the point ...Read More

Mateo Diem


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