Our Story


At just 16 years old, Michael Coovadia realised that he was different from the rest of his peers, but didn’t necessarily have the resources at that point in time to nurture his unique abilities. Battling with trying to fit in, he stumbled on a book called The Modern Day Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, written by Arnold Schwarzenegger and this immediately spurred his interests in physical development and the science behind building a great body.


Months down the line, after hours in the gym experimenting with what he had learnt, Michael started to realise that it took more than weights to unlock maximum human development.

There was a “specific art” or in Michael’s words “A blueprint for success” which needed to be followed in sequential order, so that he could reach new heights of human development and not only unlock his genetic potential, but a potential which would serve him well into the future.


That’s when Michael started focusing on the mind.

His research led him to discover some of the secrets which are used by the top performers of our time, in order to stay at the very top of their game.

With all this research in hand, Michael didn’t want to just help himself, but he wanted to genuinely help and empower the people around him as he strongly believes that in order to get what he wants in life, he MUST help others truly get what they want from life.

And so began this amazing journey.

Michael formed his first fitness company in 2017, which was geared towards helping individuals get in the best shape of their lives, and to finally understand how one can use fitness to truly lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Working with some of the most influential people in the world, like Nigel Austin or Richard Ketley, Michael quickly picked up on the importance of serving others in such a way that their success creates a visceral feeling deep within.

It quickly became clear that in order to have a massive impact and serve as many people as possible, Michael needed to invent a unique manner to do so.

The Idea of My Fitness Brain Was Born

Be it volunteering time to charity, helping stray animals in need or training some of the most influential individuals in the world; we have always been motivated by pure passion and drive.

Our philosophy is simple - we believe in leaving the world in a better, fitter and more empowered way than what we found it in. And we plan on doing that through fitness.

Our roots run deep into the community, deep within Michael's blood and veins, and this is our unfinished story.

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