What Makes Us Unique

Optimise Results

Our step by step detailed methods to get you in great shape, reprogram your mind and allow you to reach your full potential leaving noting to chance. From the initial period of goal setting to the tailor made diet plan, you have the assurance of following a proven strategy.

Your fitness coach in the comfort of your own space at the convenience of your own time.

Immersive Coaching

Fully immersive daily training videos geared towards propelling you to the best shape of your life, reprogramming your mind and shaping you to become the person needed to live your dream life. Get laser focused on your goals and have clarity along the way regardless if you are a beginner wanting to start your fitness journey or a professional wanting to break through your limiting plateau. Break free from the chains holding you back in life by going through our revolutionary mental reprogramming and watch as your dream life unfolds before your very eyes.

“I curated this company to give people hope as I believe people who are motivated by hope are more likely to succeed in all areas of life” - Michael Coovadia

Unparalleled Variety

Get access to live weekly calls, an exclusive member-only area, coaching by the very best in the industry, a clear method for success and join one of the fastest growing fitness communities on earth!

Strict Due-Diligence By Our Team

Every application is reviewed by our team of experts who evaluate each individual and shortlist the very best! This ensures that our community is packed with like minded individuals who are hungry for success and willing to do whatever it takes to become successful. Furthermore, it ensures that we are 100% compatible and will be able to deliver on our promises to you.

Apply Now To Embark On A Life Changing Journey

Attention, due to the personal nature of this offering and the success we have had over the previous years, we cannot work with everyone who applies. Therefore, act now to reserve your seat in this exclusive, limited coaching program and be sure to leave a lasting impression on your application.